Bring Back Make It Light

Why did Jamba Juice suddenly remove the Make It Light option on their menu? This has me in a total tizzy!

“Make-It-Light smoothies contain 33-43% fewer calories, 35-50% fewer sugars, and 33-45% fewer carbohydrates than our regular Classic smoothies of the same name. For the Sixteen size: Make-It-Light Smoothie – 160-200 calories, 31-41g sugar, 36-48g carbohydrate; Classic Smoothie – 260-320 calories, 53-70g sugar, 61- 78g carbohydrate.”

Why would you remove a healthier option from your menu?!

I’ve been going to Jamba Juice at least 4 times a week for the past couple of weeks. I’ve chosen Jamba for a low calorie, filling breakfast and been quite excited about the Make It Light option. This morning I went in and was informed that they no longer carry this option. They’ll lose my business completely if they don’t have the make it light option.

I am on a calorie restricted diet and was depending on this as the only low calorie breakfast option in my area!

Nothing else fills me up like their Strawberries Wild Make It Light smoothie for 160 calories!

True, I could probably figure out how to make my own, but that would mean I would have to buy a blender and do the math and go all OCD to find good options – this is a viable path.

But it was so much easier (and probably more delicious) just to go to Jamba and get the Strawberries Wild Make It Light smoothie right before heading in to work.

Well, at least this will probably save me $20 a week. Good job Jamba.

I honestly hope they lose enough business or get enough people to complain that they return this to their menu. Help me out!

Contact Jamba Juice electronically

Jamba Juice Company
6475 Christie Ave Suite 150
Emeryville, CA 94608


2 thoughts on “Bring Back Make It Light

  1. I agree completely! My wife and I were very regular customers for about ten years, and this has lost our business completely. I doubt our location has many more regular customers than I have been (lunch most days for years), but I cannot tolerate that many carbs at a time.


    1. I’ve been back since after my smoothie maker made the suggestion to ask for make it light with almond milk. It’s not AS low calorie as the former make it light, but it is less than using the sherbet. Also, check out their seasonal Pumpkin Delight (200 cal for a small) it’s REALLY delicious. I’ll be sad when it’s no longer in season!


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